June 2016
Vienna, Austria
Philips is known for their cutting-edge OLED technology. We attempted to imagine it’s potential for high-end retail lighting and how such technology can be seamlessly integrated.
Compared to more conventional lighting technology that emit light as a point source, OLEDs are made in sheets that provide a diffuse-area light source. OLED lighting can also simulate sunlight, and allows exceptional color rendering qualities. It’s ideal for locations where good quality lighting is needed and natural light unavailable. We found this to be ideal for retail lighting purposes.
It was important to provide lighting that can adapt towards rapidly changing retail interiors. The OLED surface can be re-purposed into 3 different kinds of products; as a hanging light, as a height adjustable shelf and also as a series of small tables. The hanging light can illuminate products on sale from above, and the shelf and tables provide dynamic up-lighting for any product placed on top. Its modular format allows the product to be height adjustable, as well as combine with other lights to create an infinite number of arrangements to suit the retail interior.
有機発光ダイオード(OLED)は通常の発光ダイオード (LED)と違い、 各画素ごとに発光素子が入っています。OLEDの光の素質が日光とよく似ているため、優れた演色性があります。OLEDを使った照明は商品の色合いを巧みに引き出すことができます。
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