June 2016
Vienna, Austria
Social alienation is a highly relevant problem in today’s society with much to concern. There is increasing polarization of people in social, economic and political spheres. Families spend more time away from each other leading to less intimate and meaningful interaction. What could we do to bring people together?
This project took special interest in the experience of sharing meals together. Individual pots could be taken care by different family members and friends; arranging multiple pots together creates a pattern that resembles flower blossoms. The composition attempts to express the special moment of sharing meals with friends and family. Herbs can emphasize the freshness of the food prepared and can greatly improve appetite by adding color and aroma. It can also uplift the presentation, making each meal time a bit of a special occasion.
Each pot has a built-in magnet that can help attach it to a magnetic surface such as fridge doors. The form allows it to be tilted at an angle for easy access to the herbs when attached to a vertical surface. Multiple pots can be used to create a vertical garden.  The hole above the magnet allows the pot to be hung on a kitchen utensil rail behind the counter, or hung from the ceiling next to a well-lit window. The soil compartment can also drain excess water to be stored below and is made accessible for easy maintenance.
個人が社会から疎外されていることは現在非常に大きな問題です。経済、社会、政治など、さまざまな分野で人々の二極化傾向も増大しているなか、家族のメンバーがそれぞれの生活を送るため家族との繋がりも薄く感じられます。人々の交流をどのようにして深められるかという課題にどうやって取り組んでいくか? 私のデザイナーとしてのテーマです。
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