April 2017
London, United Kingdom
Forest of Light
This lighting art installation aimed to create a permeable outdoor space for students and visitors. It is a metaphor for how light interact with transparent material - the visitors could walk through the installation as if like a photon experiencing transparency, reflection and refraction. The group of vertical polarized pillars attempts to allow viewers to experience different kinds of light depending on the location and time of day.
The installation utilizes transparent polarized materials. Walking through the space changes the transparency of the installation depending on the number of pillars the light needs to travel through. Looking through 10 pillars achieves opaqueness. The use of polarized materials allows the landscape of the campus to be vividly colorized. The effect would depend on the stresses induced during the pillar’s manufacture - enabling each pillar’s unique effect.  Users wearing transparent raincoats could also experiment with the stresses induced on the coat as well. 
During the night, the pillars are lit by a “light box” at the base of each pillar. Each have a set of 3 LED tube lamps that produce diffused lighting. They are controlled with a timer according to the sunset of each day. This installation attempted to create a dream-like landscape within the campus to encourage creative thoughts and experimentation.
普段見ることのできない光の特徴が体験できる、透明な偏光材料を利用した照明・野外空間のデザイン。大学生や大学を訪れる人達を対象とし、光の動きを観察することができるデザインです。作品の中を歩くことにより、光子「Photon」の動き、主に透明性・反射・屈折を体験できます。多数設けられた柱の間を歩くことにより、場所によってはその透明性が変化します。 つまり、偏光素材を使うことで、重ねて見ると透明性が減少し、10本の柱を見通すと、全く不透明に見えます。

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