Design for Debate

How can we encourage and invite ourselves to join the discussion on the impact of future technological advancements? What is an ideal future? What do we want to avoid? What makes us human? ​ As part of an upcoming Made in Brunel event at the new Design Museum in Kensington, students were asked to provide a set of post cards that visitors could take home with them. Inspired by “Speculative Design” pioneered by RCA professors Dunne and Raby, my response to the brief included a list of key questions about artificial intelligence and advanced bio-medical technology that could have a profound impact on our everyday lives.

As businesses and society becomes more innovation focused, discussions of its potential impacts are often postponed for later. This can lead to missed or undesirable outcomes, unable to fully maximize its potentials. Companies and the wider public need to participate in the discussion of upcoming technological advancements. This seems especially important for advancements in medical technology and artificial intelligence where its impacts could be especially profound. By speculating about our future and asking questions ahead of time, I hoped to encourage discussion about what makes us human, and how upcoming technologies can have an impact upon our identities.

This project was featured at a private Design Museum evening event “Made in Brunel” on January 2017 at their new venue in Kensington, London.