Menacing Media Visual Identity

Menacing Media is a marketing consultancy specializing in automated customer acquisition and ​lead generation. They provide online marketing strategies and guidance focused on marketing analytics, social media advertising and search engine advertising.

The solution attempts to match the visual identity with their offerings of innovative cutting edge solutions in a way that feels dynamic and cohesive. It was important for the brand to connect the old with the new - some of their work involved working for customers who were transitioning to digital marketing. The brand needed to feel modern but not too futuristic. Special attention was paid to steer away from the usual Silicon Valley feel to distinguish the consultancy from their competitors.

The Menacing Media brand identity takes inspiration from software architecture and data flow; the fluid imagery and use of both negative and positive spaces represent the data flow between front-end and back-end in modern software development.

The logo combines play on negative and positive spaces as well as serif and non-serif fonts, creating an abstract shape that can read as the initial letters MM, for Menacing Media.